It has always been my dream to build an army: A legion of dedicated experts armed with education and driven by passion. - JILLIAN MICHAELS



Why become a BODYSHRED™ instructor?

If you and your clients want the most comprehensive approach to fitness, BODYSHRED™ is DIFFERENT from other fitness classes in that it trains holistically. It engages the athlete in all modalities of fitness: strength, speed, power, flexibility, stability, etc.

If your clientele are results oriented, you and they will love BODYSHRED™!

This program is Metabolic Training at its best. BODYSHRED™ techniques are scientifically proven to maximize calorie burn during and post workout—ACCELERATED afterburn is the goal.

If you love teaching, BODYSHRED™ is for you!

This program requires you to use all of your teaching and motivational skills with your students. You can’t be a passive instructor; we want you to coach, to give and take your people to the level of fitness they so desire.

If you want tips, tools, updates and choreographic freedom, join BODYSHRED™!

We have created what we call “Formatted Freestyle.” There is a definite format to the program however we have created four specific entry points, depending on your background and your needs. If you need pre-formatted ideas, we have them. If you crave the freedom of creativity, go for it, we have your back. BODYSHRED™ has created the perfect educational system so you can continue to grow as a fitness professional. BODYSHRED™ will change how you teach.

If you want to take your career to the next level, become a BODYSHRED™ instructor!

Become an instructor of one of the most dynamic and proven metabolic training program in the market. Associate yourself with the leading figure in health and wellness. BODYSHRED™ is in high demand at gym’s across the U.S. and Canada – be one of the first to teach it in your area! The opportunities are endless.

Here is what you get when you become a certified BODYSHRED™ Instructor :

  • Instructor Manual
  • BODYSHRED Certificate of Completion
  • BODYSHRED Continuing Educating Unites
  • BODYSHRED access to the subscription-based ShredNET™Instructor Network
  • BODYSHRED use of the BODYSHRED™ Logo on your class schedules
  • BODYSHRED Certification to teach BODYSHRED™ For one year, extended if you join Shrednet